The Marketing Track Actual idea

“The Marketing Track” is a unique idea of today’s modern business strategic model evolves out of passing through different organizations’ structural (decade long evolutionary) process and experiences. Applications, smart machines, exponential growths, ubruptive knowledge explorations, competitive trade deals, skyrocketed price wars, high quality supply chain demands, thin profit margin negotiations, influences etc., are the active symbols of today’s trade infrastructure. Indeed, its a challenging phase of history, where threat, opportunity, strength & weakness reside head to head.

In short, its a time period of individuals dominance instead of big structural setups. Here you have all chances to secure success along with possibilities to turn the table round.

Pakistan is predicted to be the 6th fastest growing economy in the world. Multilateral trade potential of Pakistan with different regional economic players is very high. There is a vast room for improvement, business development, real trade deals and economic growth etc. Pakistan 60% talented youth is a living treasure. They are well aligned with newly emerging economic opportunities through Ecommerece plateforms.

Linking trusted global business networks is the essence of today’s world to remain competitive, alive and profitable.

The Marketing Track is not only a firm or a B2b website but an approach to envelop all allied services in order to facilitate modem human being especially Pakistani busineses community.
It’s a global platform of well groomed , self-made innovative Pakistani entrepreneurs; who have all abilities to build b2b global network in accordance with novel approaches and rising business opportunities in Pakistan.

In fact, it was envisioned innovatively, through out of the box thinking, planned smartly and executed professionally on ground as effective global network.
One Network One Approach to make Pakistan Great
Through exploring the full potential of Pakistan (exponential innovative business development opportunities) .

This approach has underlying theme to impact Pakistani economy positively at the individual, national and international level. In the light of sublime vision and understandable pathway, we are heading forward to become first global b2b company of Pakistan.

As we all know that latest discoveries in technology, especially soft technologies have geared up innovative developmental changes through out the world. Things are getting new shapes dramatically. Automation, nano technology, idustrial revolution, artificial intelligence and many similar terms have affected thinking patterns, even of a common man.
Moreover, to fill the gap and to remain intact with latest discoveries and their implications in applied field one has to be highly vigilant, updated and knowledgeable. Average awareness can’t help survival in today’s competitions. The question, which technology to adopt and which to leave is still a confusing librynth even for a smart business organizations.

Thats the real challenge of the time!

Hyper competition doesn’t spare business executives to stay calm and relaxed
There is a need to establish networks for aligning all diverse fields through one medium.

As reflecting through its name, The Marketing Track , is a platform for all ,especially, Pakistanis to buy and sell their product, services reliably.

It’s not only a market place or website for every person to get direct access to the business related news, projects and investment opportunities etc., but an inhouse facility to get expert consultation, solution, security measure for your companies, organizations and businesses etc.

Along with these Priliminary traditional services, we offer many unique complex and sophisticated services too.

As All types of marketing Branding, Business match making, Consultancy from idea to execution, Event management, Financial solutions, E-comerce etc.

If wondered
How The Marketing Track has become the biggest global business networked firm of Pakistanis’ in a very short span of time

 Then you should read this write up, very keenly.

The 3 basic reasons are
1) The Marketing Track is backed up by a biggest global network of overseas Pakistanis ie Patriotic Overseas Club. Patriotic Overseas Club has roots in 40 different countries in the world. This is a network of development loving patriotic Overseas Pakistanis, who want Pakistan be on victory stand. Their ambition is to build  Pakistan. For more details visit www.patrioticoverseasclub.org

2) The Marketing Track regards every individual back bone of the modern world  development especially in the wake of fourth industrial revolution. Due to the advent communication technology and exponential spread, today’s individuals are much influential, effective and power full than the individuals of last decades’.
Individual’s era If you ask me to say it in a precise one sentence I would say it’s an individual’s era that makes the difference.
Every individual by the virtue of his/her existence has lots of unique features that not only make them more creative in ways of innovation and idea creation but effective in terms of idea implementation and follow up. Heavy structured organizations due to their inability to match up with the current demands, are prone to die fast.
Swift, flexible, smart, emotionally inteligent structured Organizations can survive in future.
Individuals can impact more.

3)  The Marketing Track envisions business not through  narrow minded approaches but though broader big aspects.
Here we are not talking of many business companies or firms that are established focusing narrow agendas. We are talking of an idea that boosts up the morale of the whole nation ie Pakistan. It pushes up individuals to earn more money along with giving them spirit to builds up nation by aligning economic activities for growth and development in the country.

In short, if you ask me what is The Marketing Track, I would say
The Marketing Track is
(Tracking Busineses Through Value Added Marketing)
B2b Marketplace of Pakistanis
Aimed at to cover every thing that comes in and goes out of Pakistan, whether it be technology, investment, knowledge, product, human resource etc. For more clarity visit www.themarketingtrack.biz

Isn’t it an idea, that has potential to transform Pakistan

Be different in developing world of your dream



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