CEO Message

CEO Message

Naveed Anwar
Chief Executive Officer

Pakistan is a land of unexplored opportunities, naturally rich in natural reserves and resources, coated with all four seasons in full bloom, ideally located in the midst of central Asia with strong geo-political connections, possesses highest ration of fertile youth population and a market with accelerated pace. The need is to study this country, its culture, trends, behaviours and market dynamics in terms to secure highly lucrative and lasting prospects.

After having studied the market, trends and novel changes being brought by strong external factors; I contacted Pakistani business community living in different regions of the world as Europe, America, North America, Far East and Middle East; and after having detailed discussion with them, I came down to the conclusion that there were lot of investors wanted to come to Pakistan and with true heart inclined to invest in profitable ventures keeping in mind the security of their investments and adequate profits coupled with employment openings for educated youth. It is a matter of gratitude and pride that within a very short span of time, Marketing Track has enfolded active investors and businessmen in 30 different countries globally and ALHAMDOLILLAH, we have established offices round the globe and a strong network of professionals globally. 

They were opting for a platform where they can come, meet everyone, discuss the projects and initiate ground activities. Their sole concern is a reliable and competitive partner who does not only safeguard their investments but evenly carry forward the projects and terminate them well in time. Marketing Track was formed to provide this immediate assistance and by the grace of Almighty ALLAHswt, we have successfully accomplished multiple milestones in a very short span of time.

We are looking forward to focus upon the rising economies of Middle Eastern region in this changing scenario and all set to provide top of the line consultancy, project management, project monitoring and control, negotiation, manpower supply, supply chain management, Marketing and Sales, Brand management, PR and promotion, event and tourism management, education and training, business process improvement, business process re-engineering etc.

I welcome all of my highly regarded and valued counterparts and hope that we would secure ample chances to assist their good selves in relevant concerns with excellent quality, commitment and dedication.



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